Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots

Having come from an acting and theatre background, headshots with The Lane Studios are a real passion project. An actor headshot session typically lasts about two hours, during which we take between 400-500 photos, cycling through a variety of backgrounds and lighting setups for your “commercial looks”, followed by the signature “dramatic” looks we’ve become known for. Not long after your session, the photos are uploaded to a password-protected online gallery where you will be able to view and download all of them. You can then choose two photos to be professionally retouched. Any photo you’d like retouched thereafter is €35.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a headshot session cost?

A headshot session at The Lane Studios including all digital images is €350.

How many “looks” do I get?

A look is a full wardrobe change and we generally keep them to 4-5.  However, we’re always flexible on this as long as we know we’re getting the best shots of you in the allotted time frame!

How many set-ups do we do?

As many as we have time for!  Having worked in the acting industry for years, we have a good handle on what casting directors and agents are looking for and also know first hand that showcasing your range as an actor is really important.  We start with a “commercial” look - brighter, more colour, hitting your main casting types - and then move on to a more “theatrical” look - dramatic, natural and usually moody.

Do you do outdoor photos?

Absolutely!  But since we’re based in the west of Ireland, it all depends on the weather…

What about hair and make-up?

Many photographers encourage having a dedicated hair/make-up artist for a headshot session. Our school of thought is that it's an unnecessary extra expense for the actor - often adding €200 to your session fee.  We feel it's best that your headshots reflect how you'd look when showing up for a casting - so do your own hair and make-up, keeping it natural - but you on your best day!  If you’d prefer to book your own H/MU-artist, we’re happy to accommodate that and have space for them to work with you.

How many photos do I get?

It varies but we typically take over 700 photos in a session. After culling the duds (closed eyes, etc) you come away with approximately 400-500 photos. The idea is to deliver a great range of looks that you can work with for several years.

How do I get my photos?

After your headshot session, we upload all your colour corrected and lightly edited photos to a private gallery that is password protected and a link will be sent to you via email.  Once you log in to your gallery, you will have the opportunity to download all the photos from your session - every single one.

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